Fit for Duty: Club Fitting with True Spec Golf

If golf is a game of numbers, then club fitting is a business based on data. Lots of data. That’s what True Spec Golf relies on to create what it calls The Premier Club Fitting Experience. The company — whose headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., includes a 20,000-square-foot build shop — uses a signature club matrix to offer customers 35,000 different clubhead and shaft combinations.

Recommendations are all brand agnostic: It doesn’t matter what company makes the club, it matters what clubs are the best fit for each customer’s singular swing based on data obtained through the fitting process.

At more than 20 locations around the world (including eight U.S. states, the Bahamas, Switzerland, France, and Germany), True Spec uses cutting edge technology and the highest grade components to ensure that clubs are built to the exact specifications that were determined during the fitting process. No matter your skill level, custom club fittings are beneficial for all golfers.

“A common misconception is that they’re just for Tour players and club pros,” said True Spec President & COO Ryan Richardson. “We’ve found that high handicappers improve just as much if not more than lower handicap or scratch players.”

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