From the Desk of Rob DeMore, President of Troon Privé

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.— Oscar Wilde

AS OF THIS WRITING, our organization has 144 private clubs around the world that have assigned us stewardship of their facilities. Out of these, all 144 of them have a highly detailed list of rules. As a condition of their membership, most of our members have already agreed how to (and how not to) wear a hat, tuck in a shirt, swing a club, adhere a hemline, and even curb dance enthusiasms. A typical club has no fewer than 50 rules of behavior guidelines that for the most part are silently accepted with an occasional sprinkling of exceptions.

Maybe it was the first 50 rules that have caused a tad bit of consternation over the 51st rule to please now wear a mask. If your club requires a mask to be worn, please adhere. We do not want to put each other in harm’s way of the virus spread or short tempers.

As a gentle reminder, the club is not newly limiting your personal freedoms in asking you to wear a mask; the claw back of freedom began when you agreed to refrain from playing golf in a swimsuit and cowboy boots the minute you received your membership number.

Please stay safe, healthy and rule abiding.

Better days ahead,

Robert J. DeMore, Troon Prive President

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