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“It’s hard not to play golf that’s up to Jack Nicklaus standards when you are Jack Nicklaus.”
— Jack Nicklaus

I AM SURE MANY OF YOU reading this are familiar with BallenIsles Country Club. It is one of America’s iconic clubs since its inception in 1964.

What some of you may not be aware is that when it opened nearly 60 years ago, BallenIsles was known as PGA National Golf Club. It also served as the home of the PGA of America until 1973. In 1971, the club hosted the first ever major in the state of Florida, the PGA Championship, which was one of four professional golf events to be held in one year (something no club is likely to ever do again). This past February, our friends at BallenIsles took the time to commemorate Mr. Nicklaus’ wire-to-wire win on its 50th anniversary.

What is just as remarkable as its rich history is that the club today remains such a special place that Mr. Nicklaus accepted an invitation to revisit those special days at today’s BallenIsles. The standard our friends at BallenIsles continue to maintain and improve upon for generation after generation. Like many of our clubs, the original vision of BallenIsles is one that was the starting point, not the apex of its days. This club, like many others we are fortunate to work with, has done a remarkable job correctly identifying which standards to preserve versus the ruts to abandon. As we emerge from the pandemic, this will be an important juncture for each of us in this happiness industry as we look to preserve the standards and abandon the ruts ahead as quickly as we can.

We look forward, more than ever, to the days ahead together.

Stay safe,

Rob DeMore, President, Troon Prive

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