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Dancing our way

“I met my wife by breaking two of my rules: never date a girl seriously that you meet at a nightclub and never date a fan.”
— Corey Feldman

Our firm is fortunate enough to see and be a part of a number of different types of clubs. We have city, tennis, beach, sports, golf, country, equestrian, kids, and even a world-class racing club dedicated to motor sports (Circuit of the Northwest) coming soon.

However, what we do not have to date are any nightclubs for whatever reason. My shallow knowledge of the nightclub world led me to an even shallower journey to find out why there are no nightclubs in the Troon universe? It just does not make sense given the breakthrough headed to the 2024 Olympic stage in Paris spotlighting the world’s greatest break dancers.

As it turns out, the internet shares its knowledge to such important questions at a very quick second glance. Initially I was worried that given all the angst and serious issues in the world, we are collectively no longer a people of dance. This, of course, would break tradition since the beginning of humanity and thankfully this turns out not to be true.

Turns out the popularity of TikTok is probably the leading exhibit that people still like to dance or at least like watching people who like to dance repeatedly. However, TikTok, boosted by its popular dance videos, has not transcended in to a nightclub boom. This seemingly differs from the recent golf boom in small part energized by a simulated experience via the non green grass (aka bar+simulated golf+music) crowd that began before the pandemic.

According to Rolling Stone, while the pandemic is no friend to the nightclub industry, its place in society has been wobbling for years. There are alternative, safer ways to meet a potential mate it turns out beyond the Gen X methodology of trolling the nightclub patronage for soulmates (Corey Feldman and his wife notwithstanding, or others I am sure). High cover charges, poor service, crowd behavior, alienating drink prices, and unsustainable costs for DJ talent all contribute to the demise of the nightclub industry.

There are lessons here to apply in our days ahead in our industry of private clubs for you as members. Member experiences will continue to adapt to societal cues, frictions will be minimized, and we will keep people safe and comfortable to connect. We are committed to keep your clubs from drifting aimlessly on the dance floor of club life, bumping into the wrong people paying the wrong prices.

Dancing should be smiling,

Rob DeMore, President, Troon Prive

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