From the Desk of Rob DeMore, President of Troon Privé

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” — Albert Einstein

ON BEHALF OF EVERYONE AT TROON, I hope this message-in-an-internet-bottle finds each of you with hope for tomorrow in your hearts. I suspect this will be a transformative period in each of our lives rooted in our experiences during this period. Items I appreciate that will forever shape my view of the business we are in to make people happy:

  1. All of the staff members who continue to decide that their life’s work to make days better for the people around them is and continues to be essential. This includes both the people continuing to come to work and those who must wait at home before again coming to their club to contribute their kindness, talents, and energy.
  2. All of our club leaders including owners, board members, and management for quickly adjusting, planning, and serving as community leaders in a landscape of difficult daily decisions. Your grace, patience, and thoughtfulness is humbling.
  3. The club membership communities who continue to pay their dues, despite a safety interruption of availability of club offerings. The number of club communities banding together to take care one of another is breathtaking in its own right.
  4. Last and certainly not least, the core life and safety support workers in this country. Your courage and tirelessness proves that there is nobility and genius that surrounds each of us. Even going to the grocery store makes me misty and sentimental now. I can’t wait for that part to go away.

When our clubs and people do fully return, we are committed to continuing the momentum of positive transformation of our world ahead. Meanwhile, please join us online at MOMENTS MATTER where we are safely socially distanced, but not socially dislocated.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

Signed: Robert J. DeMore, Troon Privé, President

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