It’s All in the Details: A Preview of HEAD’s Latest Radical Racquet Line


HEAD Tennis already has big plans for 2021, starting with a brand-new line of Radical racquets. Often referred to as the “People’s Racquet,” the Radical is an easy-tohandle, versatile solution for players seeking a mix of spin, power and control.

Our team took the 2021 Graphene 360+ Radical MP for a spin (pun intended) to test out some of the latest features in a variety of on -court scenarios. In short? HEAD has found a way to tweak the smallest things and bring an even greater refinement to an already impressive line of racquets.

The initial change that you can’t ignore is the paint job. Featuring a fluorescent, matte orange frame, the newest Radical boasts a sharp look that simultaneously underscores the greatness these racquets garner.

In fact, we had many remarks that the aesthetic was akin to a Star Wars Lightsaber across the net.

What has been maintained is the signature balance of flexibility and weight, echoing the deliberate and intelligent technology that goes into these sticks. As a result, our team found that the Radical is indeed ideal for the all-court player.

A well-balanced racquet, the Radical MP holds its own on the baseline, makes transition shots easy to navigate and offers plenty of support to drive a volley or finesse an angled drop shot. When serving, we enjoyed a swift, fluid swing thanks to just the right amount of head-light balance in the frame.

Mitch Joyce, Junior Director at the John Newcombe Country Club, explained the Radical’s versatility from a Tennis Professional’s perspective. “We are asked to play with all ranges of players, from age to skill level. For me, the Radical MP is an easy choice,” Joyce concluded. “I’ve got touch and feel with my Orange and Green Ball Juniors, but can seamlessly add racquet-head speed and drive when transitioning to my 4.5 Adult Clinics.”

It’s safe to say –you can find our team sporting the Radical “Lightsaber” on court plenty come January.

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