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The Right Mix | Owen's Mixers

The secret to any great cocktail is simple: use the best possible ingredients. That’s where Owen’s Craft Mixers come in. Founded in 2015 by brothers-in-law Tyler Holland and Josh Miller, the family owned business produces an all-natural, premium non-alcoholic mixer assortment. Based in New York City, the company’s range of products includes Transfusion Mix, Ginger Beer + Lime, Margarita Mix, Mint + Cucumber + Lime, Tonic + Lime, Grapefruit + Lime, and Cranberry + Lime.

All of Owen’s bottles are re-sealable and will remain carbonated for 14-plus days, and each product contains pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup, real juice, and a clean ingredient
list. The company’s connection to golf has been strengthened in recent years by a partnership with Barstool Sports and its co-branded Transfusion Mixer, a cocktail synonymous with golf courses. Owen’s Mixers are a finished product, meaning all you have to do is add liquor.

Enjoy your next cocktail with Owen’s Craft Mixers at a Troon club or course near you.

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