Raghda Al-Hinai – NGM

Raghda Al-Hinai
Sales & Marketing
LA Vie Club, Oman

Raghda-Al-HinaiHow long have you worked in the industry and what brought you to work at Troon?

I’ve worked in marketing for 5 years in various industries including holding companies, marketing agencies with clients from oil and gas, non-profit educational institutions, and the public sector. My role in LA VIE allows me to enter new sectors including real estate, sports, hospitality, and F&B. I was a part of the brand launch for the project, which encouraged me to enter this new sector and take on a new challenge in sales and marketing.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the diversity of sectors the project includes, which allow for more creativity that excites me. Being creative and thinking outside the box is what motivates me to create unforgettable moments, collaborations and content. Additionally, I’ve always wanted to work on projects that strengthens tourism in Oman, allowing me to communicate with the public about the beauty of what the country has to offer and creating stories that will stick with people for a long time.

 What do you do to help share the job opportunities we have at our facilities?

I generally want more Omanis to enter the golf industry and see how fun and different it is, since it does not just touch on sports but so many other sectors such as tourism, community, F&B, Hospitality, and events. It allows you to gain many new skills and broadens your expertise. I talk about the golf industry more with friends and fellow marketers in the community, to increase the awareness of the sport and what it has to offer.

Who would be your ideal foursome for golf or who would be your ideal dinner-mates?

I have never played golf, so my first experience would have to be with my friends or family that I am comfortable making a fool out of myself with! I generally am a social butterfly and love trying different cuisines and food with my friends who also enjoy dining out and enjoy new experiences.

What is one benefit about the game that helps to bring people together?

I have not played golf, however, I do play padel, and similarly to Padel, golf is a social sport, where you play as a group. It brings people together who share the same interests and creates bonds.

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