Rebecca Nnachor – Women Golf Month

Rebecca Nnachor: Golf Reservations & Membership Coordinator, Al Hamra Golf Club, UAE

Rebecca Nnachor: Golf Reservations & Membership Coordinator, Al Hamra Golf Club, UAE

What do you do to help promote the game of golf to other women (adult or juniors)?

Women are an untapped market when it comes to golf and if properly explored will lead to an increased guest base. With respect to dress code, we have an all-inclusive policy and a female-friendly section in the golf shop. During pink October, we put out great activations, events and always have a pink corner in a bid to create awareness and show support. We have our annual RAK Ladies Open amongst other events with ladies Tees. We get more women interested in golf while encouraging those already in the game by hosting ladies groups/golf societies, offering most preferred rates and complimentary ad ons. Our PGA teaching pro is tirelessly collaborating with female schools to introduce the game of golf, organizing free tasters, offering ladies individual/group lessons and nine & wine event where ladies get to socialize over food and drinks especially during ladies’ night. After learning the basics, we verbally recommend membership options to keep them in the game, Troon initiatives for juniors and other promotions.

What do you do to help network or with other female associates to bring them in or mentor them within the industry?

Besides socializing and brainstorming during associate fun events and trainings, one major way is to constantly communicate with them, encouraging them to cross-train into other departments and make decisions through answering five Troon empowerment questions. Also, being a committee member of Troon’s DE&I council has broadened by knowledge on how to create a welcoming, inclusive, and positive work environment for all, especially the female associates.

Have you had a female role model or mentor during your career?

I am fascinated by what the women in the industry have been able to achieve over time in a man’s world. Debbie Falardeau is one whose strength and zeal inspires me in my career path. However, in the history of golf I am motivated by Joanne Carner who shot her age for the fourth time since the U.S Seniors women open and Annika Sorenstam known as the greatest woman golfer of all-time.

What would you like to share about your culture with us?

As It relates to sports, wrestling is a major sport in the IGBO Culture which shows skills and great strength as well as promotes values and tradition. This popular sport have been used to settle major disputes amongst individuals, tribes or villages and anyone who wins is seen as a warrior who is highly respected by all. The game of golf was later introduced majorly for recreational purpose and often played amongst the wealthiest in the society. Growing up, I had visited a few golf courses in the country and one which was located in the University of Benin, fascinated by the swing and flight of the golf balls but never had a chance to play. Golf has now grown to be a popular game not only for the rich but for all irrespective of social status. I am glad to not only have learned/understood the game but also opportune to work with the best in the golfing industry while driving the game/sports.

What is one thing you brought to the facility from your culture or country to the facility 

In my culture/Country, respect and hospitality plays a major role in the society. I have instilled that morale which helped me to build a great working relationship with members, guests, and associates from different department.

What is one thing you learned from working in another country:

The further you get from your comfort zone, the more you learn. The most important thing I have learnt working in another country is adaptability, which means adjusting to new conditions. This has taught me to appreciate every moment, embrace challenges and modifying situations to achieve a positive result.

Why do you enjoy visiting or working in various countries

Migration be it for work or tourist exposes us to diversity. I personally enjoy the exposure to diverse cultures, traditions and belief which teaches us about humanity and enable us to appreciate, understand and respect different ways of life. With the huge shift in technology and globalization the communication skills and independence I have gained through traveling prepares me for future job opportunities.

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