Sales and Marketing


Troon Philosophy: The power of the Troon brand, combined with creative, innovative sales and marketing efforts, are key components of profitability.

Troon Sales & Marketing

Troon's brand-building efforts have had a uniquely powerful impact on golfers, as Troon's marketing experts have developed a database of millions of golfers - about 10% of all the golfers in the U.S. - that is designed to target them with a precision and depth of reach unequaled in the industry. Troon's brand identity is reinforced by the numerous national and regional advertisements that regularly appear in top national golf publications and press releases.

Troon also utilizes customized public relations, advertising, and targeted email campaigns for individual golf facilities geared to capture the local market. Frequency-based marketing efforts such as Troon Rewards, golf's premier loyalty program, as well as the Troon Card, and Troon Advantage, all serve to maximize revenues at facilities in the Troon portfolio. Troon's centralized reservation system (1.888.TROON U.S.) ensures a reliable, cost-effective method for booking tee times. These sophisticated sales and marketing techniques enable Troon to grasp an enormous market share, translating into a higher probability of financial success.

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