Staying TroonFIT with Steven Tinoco: A Great in-Home Workout

Staying TroonFIT, powered by Under Armor, with Steven Tinoco. @S.Tinoco606 on Instagram

Changing things up a bit...

…and challenging you all to a great 10 Minute EMOM. What is an EMOM you ask? Well it means, every minute on the minute. For 10 min straight, I challenge you to do:


You should finish these exercises around 30 to 40 seconds, which will leave you the rest of the time in the minute to rest.

Example: At 00:00 you start your stop watch and do all 3 movements and then rest. At 01:00 you begin the next set. And so on and so forth until you hit 10:00.

It may seem easy to start, but halfway through you’ll feel it through your entire body! Enjoy!

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Staying TroonFIT

with Steven Tinoco

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Staying TroonFIT with Steven Tinoco

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Staying TroonFIT with Steven Tinoco

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