Staying TroonFIT with Steven Tinoco: Isolation Eating

Staying TroonFIT, powered by Under Armor, with Steven Tinoco. @S.Tinoco606 on Instagram

People tend to think all you have to do is workout to be healthy, although there is a little truth to that, 95% of fitness and being healthy actually comes from what you eat. Eating the right food does miracles for you and your body when trying to change yourself for the better. From physically leaning up and getting to how you want to look, to actually mentally being happier and having a clear mind. The foods we put into our system is the most important thing when it comes to health and fitness.

The world uses the term “Diet” way to often and I genuinely hate that word. As a society we should start using the phrase “Eating Healthier”. It mentally makes it less of a chore to eat healthy and when you vocalize it, it makes you proud to say it that you’re trying to make a difference for the better in your life.
During this time the best advice I can give you to eating healthier is first and foremost, take out soda. Even if it’s diet, that’s actually worse for you. Increase your water intake significantly and believe it or not that is the simplest way to start shedding unwanted weight. Next, stick to healthy carbs and fats. Avocados, rice, spinach, almonds, beef jerky, fish, meat etc are just a few options to stick too when making a change to live healthier. The brighter the foods, the better!

Now is the time to really try and change the way you eat to make things easier for yourself when isolation is over. We will all get through this and stay positive!

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