Staying TroonFIT with Steven Tinoco: Simple Way to Relieve Stress

Staying TroonFIT, powered by Under Armor, with Steven Tinoco. @S.Tinoco606 on Instagram

With no idea of when life will be back to completely normal again, we’ve all encountered some way or another of needing to distress a little more than usual. Times are different now and things might never go back to the way it was, but I’m here to help you to try and get through these trying days with the least amount of stress as possible.

First off, exercise! A little contradictory yes, but putting your body through physical stress will actually help you reduce your mental stress. Exercise reduces your cortisol levels, which are better known as your stress hormones. It will also improve your sleep quality and build confidence. And all of us can always benefit from having more confidence.

Another way to help reduce stress it to decrease you’re caffeine intake. Whether its coffee, soda or pre-workout drinks, limit your intake of them by half to start and see how your body feels after a week. Everyone has a threshold of the amount of caffeine they can have, so if you are feeling jittery or anxious, cut it back and make the necessary adjustments.

Lastly, try yoga. Yoga helps you become mindful of your body and breathe and ultimately brings all self awareness together. It’s been proven by studies that this practice has enhanced moods drastically with the majority of public having a positive effect on the nervous system.

I hope one of these simple ideas help you relieve some unwanted stress like they have for me.

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Staying TroonFIT

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