Talking Rock: Prescott's Peaceful Place

Talking Rock: Prescott's Peaceful Place

Posted on December 04, 2015

"The skies are huge, the views go on forever, and at night the sky is full
of stars. It's such a peaceful place."

The sprawling ranch properties that line both sides of Williamson Valley Road offer the first hint to the history of Talking Rock, a secluded golf and real estate community located in Prescott, Arizona, two hours north of Phoenix. Another hint lies in three horse saddles right outside the golf shop entrance. Finally, there's an old windmill standing right next to the practice area. This part of Arizona's high country has long been used for cattle ranching, and Talking Rock offers residents the chance to enjoy that same historic landscape while enjoying all the amenities of modern living.

Part of the allure that has drawn residents to the community since 2003 is both the weather and the quaint charms of the city of Prescott. "There's a great climate and Talking Rock is consistently 18-20 degrees cooler than Phoenix year round," says Jim Jones, director of sales. "Prescott, which is just 25 minutes away, has a small town environment. We often arrange transportation for groups of owners looking to spend an evening in town, check out the world's oldest rodeo each July, or appreciate the famous Christmas celebrations."

Even those who stay within the community's gates have no shortage of friendly gatherings. "It's such a social group here," Jones says." There are always cocktail gatherings and pot luck dinners in member's homes. It's a family atmosphere."

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