Meet 3 of Troon International’s Female Teaching Professionals

Troon golf courses around the world run programs to engage beginner golfers and introduce them to the game of golf year long, but many run additional introductory clinics or events during Troon Women’s Golf Month, to engage new people into the game. We spoke to three female Teaching Professionals from Troon golf courses in the UK, the UAE, and Egypt and asked them how they encourage participation in golf, ways for women to get into golf, and tips for becoming a better golfer.

Naela El-Attar | SODIC Club S Head of Golf, The Allegria, Egypt

The saying of golf is 60% mental game, 30% set up and 10% swing has proven to me to be extremely on point. Over the years of practicing, competing and teaching thousands of golf lessons, I have noticed that golfers might be too distracted with the swing mechanics instead of what is more important; their state of mind, confidence, proper aim, alignment, stance, grip and ball position on each shot. So I advise golfers to first avoid second-guessing before they swing and before putting, as well as paying attention to their golf fundamentals and set up on the ball, then their swing mechanics.

What I’ve learnt from playing and competing in golf is to control my mind to think of the positive outcome; since there is no benefit of thinking about missing the ball or losing the ball in the lake or bunker. My way of dismissing the negatives is shifting my mind back to the vision of my shot, when my mind wonders to the doubts.

This lesson from the golf course, when applied to life pays tremendously. In the past few years I was able to manifest my goal of becoming the first Egyptian PGA professional and the Head of the Golf department at SODIC Club S golf course, The Allegria Golf Course. I was able to dismiss the bumps on the way by staying focused on the main goal. And that is just one of many great lessons this game of Golf can offer.



Sandy Meyer | Teaching Professional, Arabian Ranches Golf Club, UAE

As an instructor of lady’s golf over the past 30 years, it’s been a wonderful experience to have been part of introducing so many ladies to the game of golf.  Anyone can play golf – one does not have to be a “Tiger Woods” to be able to learn and play, and I think that many ladies have an unrealistic idea of what is needed in order to play.  As long as you have the basic tuition and have been taught the fundamentals correctly you can start to learn how to hit the ball.   Once you learn how to hit the woods “power game” to learning the “ irons” , approach game as well as an understanding of the short game, you are good to go.  Having experience on the golf course is one of the most important factors in learning the game and it’s vital that this is part of your training.   One can’t learn the game if it’s only played on the driving range and getting onto the course is important.

There are so many aspects that need to be learnt on the course, including the pace of play, rules, and etiquette of the game.  It can initially be quite overwhelming, but once you have at least a few chances to be on the course with your professional you will get the idea.  Through my experience, so many ladies have been intimidated to be on the golf course and have an unrealistic idea that they must hit every shot perfectly.  That’s not the case, and once my beginners know it’s okay not to hit every shot perfectly, they start to understand the challenge of the game.  It’s a wonderful experience and can get very addictive.  Golf offers so much and whatever your goals or interests are, it’s up to you.  You can be someone that wants to get better and enjoys the competition to someone that enjoys the game socially, especially played with family or friends.



Rosana Gomez Valdor | Golf Instructor, The Grove, UK