The Quest Mentality

The Quest Mentality

Posted on September 15, 2015

Growing up, my father would tell me stories of his years spent in what was once known as the Dutch East Indies, the region that after WWII became Indonesia. He spent most of his time in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Bali working for General Motors Export Cooperation in the years before and during the Great Depression. His main clients, he'd describe, were local tribal chiefs who were newly rich with cash from the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company would pay for their oil rights. "They loved Cadillac limousines," he told me, always with a big catlike grin and a playful twinkle in his eye.

He produced pictures of himself in a bright white suit as a young and handsome man, sitting on a Javanese temple ruin, usually with an attractive your lady by his side... that same feline grin on his face I knew so many years later. His stories of those days drew me right in with their far off, black and white mysteries, and a sense that the world was a very big, enchanting place.

I have no doubt that my father's wanderlust and sense of adventure, entering the very core of my being as a kid, contributed much to who I am today. Indeed, I have been seeking enchanted places all my adult life."

To me, the "enchanted places" category is expansive. A tropical beach is fine, but so is a mountain valley. An intimate chteau is delightful; but I'm just as happy ensconced at a discerning resort. As long as there's some good golf nearby, a talented chef preparing creative cuisine, and maybe a few glasses of wine or drams of single male available, I'm cool.

Many of the places on my quest list are far from home, but not all. The other side of the globe is enticing, the destinations unknown and tinged with blessed mystery, but if I can't get there until next year, there are plenty of places nearby that satisfy the urge to adventure.

Being part of Troon makes it pretty easy to dream of (and visit!) great destinations. In this issue alone you'll find articles on several such places. The cover story, for starters, takes us to nine courses in Troon's California Collection, any one of which makes for an excellent adventure. From the desert to the sea to the state's famed wine country, Troon's California Collection encompasses the best in the Golden State.

If you have the bandwidth to travel a bit further afield, check out the articles on Chateau d'Augerville, just outside Paris, France, where golf, chocolate, and the French countryside seamlessly blend; or The King Kamehameha Golf Club on the gentle and breezy slopes of the West Maui Mountains of Hawaii. Both of those are destinations that get me dreaming and, I'm quite sure, would bring a twinkle to my dad's eye and a big grin to his face.

Bon voyage!

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