History Lesson: The Story of Golf in Fifty Holes

History Lesson: The Story of Golf in Fifty Holes

Posted on January 25, 2016

Tasked with writing a book that "chronicles 50 holes, past and present, where significant events of golf's illustrious history have taken place," author Tony Dear has done an admirable job of just that. In the History of Golf in 50 Holes ($29.95, Firefly Books), Dear heads to both familiar places (the Old Course, Cypress Point, Augusta National, and Bandon Dunes) as well as lesser-known venues such as Askernish (Scotland), Hirono (Japan) and Biarritz Le Phare (France). "I hope anyone interested in the game's past will find something of interest, though readers wanting a comprehensive timeline of golf's history won't find it here," says Dear. "Piecing together the stories of famous holes and the significant incidents that took place at each of them, however, will hopefully grow your appreciation of our favorite game. And through it probably won't help you play golf any better than you do now, I'm confident it won't make you any worse."

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