What’s Old Is New Again

What's Old Is New Again

Hickory Sticks Put the Fun Back in Golf

Both of you who occasionally read this column will already have established that it is many decades since I first put club to ball and started my journey down the long road of this wonderful game of golf. It has been a wondrous ride; one of exploration, of new places, of untold pleasures, and most importantly, of friendships made that have lasted a lifetime.

There have been many highlights and countless wonderful memories and hopefully there will be many more still to come but, sadly, ever more present in the air these days I detect a whiff of discontent inside a game that many fear is approaching a crisis with falling participating numbers, golf course closures, rising green fees, and never-ending rounds.

Fortunately, the great thing about golf is that when it skies darken it rarely fails to emit a shaft of light that brights the gathering gloom and restores an enthusiasm under threat.

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