Where in the World is DJ: Egypt, May 2020

Where in the World is DJ, Troon International

Back in February, I had the privilege of visiting our two properties in Egypt; The Allegria Golf Club and Madinaty Golf Club, which are both located just outside of Cairo. Golf has a long history in Egypt, with the first two golf courses, Gezira Sporting Club and Mena House, being built in the late 1800s. Troon also has a long history in Egypt, although not as long as the aforementioned, as we have been involved with The Allegria Golf Club since before it opened in July 2010.

Ironically, almost 10 years later, we will be involved in the opening of another golf course in the region, when Madinaty Golf Club opens. It feels great to be growing the game of golf in such an iconic travel destination, and I anticipate seeing more golf courses opening in Egypt in the coming years.

Madinaty Golf Club GM, Josh North

As I travel around, I am always blown away by the extensive amount of talent that we have within Troon. Many of our operators and agronomists have a significant amount of experience operating clubs in multiple countries. During this week I spent some time with Will Righton, who is the Director of Agronomy at Madinaty. Will has worked in the UK, Egypt, Russia, Greece, and Kazakhstan and I can only imagine the unique challenges and opportunities that each country must present. The patience and perseverance that is needed to deliver the high Troon Agronomic expectations in some of these countries. However, I can tell that Will is one of those unique individuals that revel in these challenges, and this is evident with the course conditioning and agronomic practices that are in place at Madinaty Golf Club.

I can’t wait until the doors open and everyone gets the chance to experience Troon’s latest addition to golf in Egypt.