Where In The World is DJ, PGA National Czech Republic, Czech Republic, July 2022

Where in the World is DJ, Troon International

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting The PGA National Czech Republic at Oaks Prague, a spectacular Kyle Phillips designed golf course located in Nebrenice which is ideally located just outside of Prague.   Prague is always one of my favourite places to visit and has recently been recognized by Time Out magazine as the 6th “Best cities in the world 2022′.  With the great sites, food, and people in Prague this is a much-deserved accolade.

As always, the golf course at PGA National Czech Republic was in impeccable agronomic condition and this is flawlessly complimented by the genuine service culture of our Troon associates.  Although the facility is relatively new, it already has a significant reputation within the golfing world, especially in Europe.  So much so that there were two top 15 professional golfers using the facility while I was there as the course conditions were in line with facilities with which they play regularly.  You just can’t get a much better compliment than that!

DJ Flanders and some of the golf operations team

Paul Dennis, Director of Golf and DJ Flanders

The Czech Republic is quickly becoming a must-visit golfing destination and already has 105 courses.  Although football, ice hockey, and tennis are the primary sports, golf is continuing to grow with over 52,941 registered golfers in the country.  Of the 52,941 golfers, 69% are men and 31% are women which is much higher than the global average.

Annually the Czech Republic sees between145K-195K golfing tourists, a number that will only grow as the word continues to get out about this awesome golf destination.  Currently, most of that inbound golfing travel is coming from nearby markets such as Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Scandinavia, the UK, France, and the Netherlands.  If you have not visited Prague for a golfing holiday, it should be a must add to your calendar; you will not be disappointed.