Where in the World is DJ: Vattanac Golf Resort, Cambodia March 2023

Aerial view of the 5th hole on the east course at Vattanac Golf Resort in Cambodia

As part of his trip to Asia, DJ stopped in Phnom Pehn, the capital of Cambodia to visit our team at Vattanac Golf Resort. Read his travel diary to learn more about his visit and the fantastic golf experience that awaits you here.

During my multi-stop trip to Asia, I had the opportunity to visit our exceptional Troon associates at Vattanac Golf Resort in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Chris Gehraghty (GM), Marcus Hartup (Director of Agronomy) and their team continue to push themselves to live up to the several accolades that they have received over the years and are quickly becoming one of the most sought after golf experiences in Asia.  Golf is a relatively new sport in Cambodia and has only been played here for about 25 years. Over that time, the country has seen seven golf courses open and according to a 2019 report by the Cambodia Golf Federation, there are now more than 1,000 registered domestic golfers. The Royal Cambodia Golf Club, located in Phnom Penh, was the first golf course to open in the country in 1996. And since then, many more courses have opened, including Vattanac Golf Resort.  Siem Reap has also added golf courses and is a city that has seen significant tourism growth due to the popularity of Angkor Wat.

DJ Flanders, Chris Geraghty the GM and the female caddies at Vattanac Golf Resort
DJ Flanders and the Agronomy team at Vattanac Golf Resort

The growth of golf in Cambodia has had a positive impact on the economy, particularly in the tourism industry. According to a 2016 report by the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism in Cambodia directly contributed 4.9% to the country’s GDP and is projected to grow by 6.5% annually between 2016 and 2026. The growth of golf tourism could contribute to this trend. Many golfers from around the world come to play in Cambodia, and this has led to the development of golf courses, resorts, and other related facilities. The increase in tourism has also led to the creation of jobs, including those in the hospitality and service sectors.

Moreover, golf courses have also contributed to the preservation of green spaces and have become an important part of Cambodia’s environmental and cultural landscape. Many courses are situated in areas of natural beauty, and their maintenance has led to the protection of these areas from development.

Overall, the growth of golf in Cambodia has had a positive impact on the economy, contributing to job creation and tourism growth. Additionally, the sport has provided an opportunity for Cambodians to engage in a new activity, and for visitors to experience the country’s natural beauty and culture.