3 Things that Take a Golf Course from Good to Great

Manicured golf course with sun rising in the background.

Not all golf courses are created equal. Some are terrible, some are ok, some are good, and then some are great. While greatness can be subjective, there is a way to ensure a golf course can achieve that in the eye of beholders who are both amateur and experienced. Here are three simple things to think about that separate a good golf course from a great one.

Make it Playable

While a great golf course should pose a challenge to the most experienced golfer, it should also be accessible for newbies. Present a balance of being challenging and attainable.

Make it Relaxing

A golf course should also be a place where someone would enjoy going for a walk. Design is a key factor, so making use of the natural surroundings can play to your benefit, both in challenge and in atmosphere.

Make it Memorable

Every hole counts when it comes to golf and if a player would enjoy golfing there again the next day, you know you have a winner.

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