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Club Management Services

Leverage Troon's industry experience and support network to optimize your club operations and elevate your guest and member experience.

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Our Difference

Troon® started as one facility in 1990 and has since grown to become the world’s largest professional club management company. We provide services to 440+ locations and 470+ golf courses, while also managing various amenities, such as tennis, aquatics, fitness, food & beverage, lodging and more.

We have grown our company by listening to and understanding the specific opportunities and challenges of our clients, then customizing our approach to achieve success together. This is accomplished by providing a foundation comprised of the best talent and resources in the industry and cultivating the creativity of our associates worldwide. Our successful culture, combined with 30 years of experience, give us the opportunity to develop the strategies, resources and talent that allow our clients to excel in this competitive industry.

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The Troon Approach

Who we are, how we help and why our clients partner with us. The Troon Approach.

Industry Insights

Troon Leaders Provide Expertise and Guidance for Clubs on How to Succeed in Today’s Environment

Featured Article: News

Posted on September 01, 2020

Guide for Member-Owned Clubs

Interested in Considering Professional Management

Troon’s Business Development Team is contacted by all types of Club Owners who have the desire to learn more about our professional management approach.  In particular, Member-Owned Clubs are reaching out more than ever, searching for innovative  ...

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Featured Article: News

Posted on August 25, 2020

Creating a Club Capital Reserve Policy

Over the past few years, clubs have a renewed focus on capital replacements and improvements.  The traditional method for accumulating capital was through initiation fees for most clubs, but the shift in the amount of initiation fee has changed over ...

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Featured Article: News

Posted on August 10, 2020

Find, Fund and Fulfill Your Why

Over the past seven years, we at Troon have been working hard on discovering a club’s Why and driving the marketing message on why the club exists.  The Why is based on Simon Sinek’s best-selling book, “Start with Why,” and has been a  ...

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Professional management services

by the world's largest golf club management company

Troon provides services to 440+ locations and 470+ golf courses, while also managing various amenities, such as tennis, aquatics, fitness, food & beverage, lodging and more.

275+ Experienced Corporate Leaders

11 Regional Offices

40+ U.S. States

30+ Countries

Club Management Services

Troon’s approach is centered upon creating extraordinary guest and member experiences by delivering superior service, amenities and playing surfaces.

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Overhead view of a golf course

Troon's proprietary scientific approach to agronomy encourages the use of organic, nature-friendly compounds and prudent chemical use to achieve optimal visual appearance, while maintaining excellent turf health.

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Our food and beverage philosophy is based on customizing each dining experience with the personalized culture of each individual club – be it private, resort or daily fee.

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Women walking on golf turf

Innovative membership sales and marketing solutions are created through working with the owner, board, committees and/or staff at each location to translate the club’s strategic objectives into quantifiable performance measures.

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Troon-managed facilities consistently out-perform the industry in all major metrics – rounds, revenue, average rate and the like. A sales-oriented culture, combined with proven programs and the global power of the Troon brand, help clients capture greater market share and grow their business.

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Troon provides comprehensive human resource services to ensure that all employees are recruited, hired and trained utilizing the most professional processes in the club industry. We focus on the importance of people and their direct relationship to the success of each client club.

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Inside of a golf apparel shop

Troon's buying power is leveraged to negotiate best in market terms, service and pricing for our valued clients on items such as maintenance equipment, golf cars, merchandise, food & beverage supplies and more. Collectively, we save our clients millions of dollars each year.

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Troon provides financial oversight and expertise, offering centralized coordination of accounting, payroll and financial reporting, creating important efficiencies for our owners without the use of consultants.

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Drafting plans and tools

Troon has the capability and expertise to assist clients in development and/or redesign by working directly with golf course designers, clubhouse architects and all other professionals involved in the development process.

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Troon-managed clubs receive the economic and service benefits of the industry’s only dedicated in-house risk management team.

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A smartphone and keyboard on a desk

Our Information Technology Team's primary objective is to provide each club with the opportunity to be positioned on the cutting edge of modern technology by offering fully integrated property management solutions.

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Troon’s services include access to our legal team, which may encompass the review of documents and contracts to ensure that each club’s best interests are being considered.

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Troon’s commitment to racquet sports was solidified in 2018 with the acquisition of Cliff Drysdale Tennis (CDT). The addition of CDT provides industry leading expertise, resources and support to the racquet sports departments of our managed clubs.

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Troon is dedicated to growing the game of golf amongst all age groups, and we have implemented a number of ways ours clubs can get engaged.

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Meet Our Team

Troon’s Business Development team possesses a diverse background, decades of experience within the industry and company, as well as the ability to completely and concisely discuss with you the benefits of partnering with Troon. We specialize in analyzing and developing opportunities, with a focus on providing you with the right solution for your particular situation. We work to create relationships with potential clients, allowing you to learn about the services we provide in a professional and non-pressured approach. With that comes passion in providing you with resources and programs that enhance the experience for guests and members alike, while delivering an improved and more sustainable future. We look forward to talking with you and learning more about how we can help your club.

Additional Team Members

Tim Presecky – Director, Business Development
Ted Elliott – Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
Alec Costello – Manager, Business Development
Terrance Ragains – Financial Analyst

Success Stories

Read testimonials from the owners and management of Troon-managed facilities

Course Managers Tell All...
“By bringing Troon in, they already had some great recommendations and suggestions for us. It did allow us to accelerate the improvement of our courses and get us to where we are at today.”
John Evans, General Manager
Course: Silverado Resort & Spa
Course Managers Tell All...
“I think that if we would have brought Troon in earlier, we would be further along than we are today, both in membership growth and revenue growth.”
Mark Hammons, Owner Representative
Course: Blackstone Country Club
Course Managers Tell All...
“Working with Troon, working with the management that Troon has provided us, is actually a genuine pleasure. They know what they are talking about, their experience is unparalleled, and we’ve made great progress in the last eight years.”
Joel Jutovsky, Board President
Course: Marin Country Club
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