Club Management Services

Club Management Services

Our Difference

Troon® started as one facility in 1990 and quickly grew to be one of the largest on the list of golf course management companies, specializing in golf management services. Troon has continued to evolve and today is the largest professional club services provider in the world, serving clients at more than 360 locations and providing management of various amenities besides golf, such as tennis, swimming and health clubs. Founded by current CEO, Dana Garmany, we have grown our company one client at a time by listening to and understanding the specific opportunities and challenges, then customizing our approach to achieve success. This is accomplished by providing a foundation comprised of the best talent and resources in the industry and cultivating the creativity of our more than 15,000 associates worldwide.

In our third-party role, we see our primary job as creating success for our clients. Our success is based solely on our clients' success. We have three primary divisions: Troon Golf®, which is responsible for our daily fee and resort golf club management; Honours Golf®, which is a collection of resort and private clubs strategically located in the Southeast; and Troon Privé®, which is charged with serving individually owned and member-owned private clubs. These three divisions are all supported by the more than 200 experienced leaders within each of the following key corporate departments – Club Operations, Agronomy, Food & Beverage, Membership Sales & Marketing, Daily Fee Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Procurement, Finance & Accounting, Design & Development, Risk Management, Information Technology and Legal.

Our one stop turnkey services platform, combined with more than 25 years of experience operating a myriad of private, daily fee and resort operations, give Troon the opportunity to develop the strategies and talent that allow our client clubs to excel in this competitive industry. We invite you to continue exploring what it means to have Troon as your full service partner and to learn more about how our team can get to work for you!

Please contact our Troon Business Development Team at 480.477.0505 or complete the information request form for more information.

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Club Management Services

Club Operations


Food & Beverage

Membership Sales & Marketing

Daily Fee Sales & Marketing

Human Resources


Finance & Accounting

Design & Development

Risk Management

Information Technology


Management Myths

We understand the questions and concerns that can be associated with third-party professional services. Many times these concerns center around inaccuracies as to what operating as a Troon client actually means. We have outlined the most frequently addressed concerns below and welcome an opportunity to answer additional questions you may have regarding our services.

Domination Myth

"Troon is going to come in and run things the way they want to."

TRUTH - We are not an owner or lessee. We are agents of the owner, membership or board of directors. We serve the club and are similar to a standalone general manager, only on a larger platform with greater resources that can be leveraged by the club for the benefit of the club. We find ways to do what your club wants to do, just more effectively and efficiently.

Brand Myth

"Troon is going to put their brand everywhere and we are going to lose our club's identity."

TRUTH - The Club’s brand identity leads the way in 100% of our client relationships - Your club can choose to use our the Troon brand as much or as little as you wish as part of the overall brand strategy.

Employee Myth

"Troon is going to come in and fire all the staff."

TRUTH - It's not our intention to fire anyone. We want and need leaders at every level of the organization. Those who are excited about quality, professionalism, career opportunities and accountability, typically do very well. Top performers perceive accountability as a positive and thrive within our organization.

Cost Myth

"Troon is too expensive."

TRUTH - The fact of the matter is we are cost neutral in nearly all of our contracts when you consider cost savings in benefits, insurance, procurement, operational efficiencies and associate retention, before revenues are even considered. Troon's ability to consistently grow over the past 25+ years is a testament to being able to deliver financial results to our clients and show value for our fees. Plus, our contract renewal rate consistently averages around 93% each year.

Too Big Myth

"Troon is so big, we are going to get lost in the system and not receive personalized attention."

TRUTH - The idea that a smaller company with fewer resources gives better and more individualized attention is contradictory. With more than 200 corporate resources, the simple fact is that our scale is such that we can devote more diversified resources, not less.

Failure Myth

"We have failed in some way because we are considering outside management."

TRUTH - Organizations have relied on third-party expertise for decades to improve areas of their business in which they do not have a core competency. The most progressive and successful clubs in the country have realized this and have sought objective, third-party professional services. Our growth as an organization is proof of that within the club industry.

Please contact our Troon Business Development Team at 480.477.0505 or complete the information request form for more information.

How We Help

Club Management Services

Meet Our Team

Troon’s Business Development team possesses a diverse background, decades of experience within the industry and Company, as well as the ability to completely and concisely discuss with you the benefits of partnering with Troon. We specialize in analyzing and developing opportunities, with a focus on providing you with the right solution for your particular situation. We work to create relationships with potential clients, allowing you to learn about the services we provide in a professional and non-pressured approach. With that comes passion in providing you with resources and programs that enhance the experience for guests and members alike, while delivering an improved and more sustainable future. We look forward to talking with you and learning more about how we can help your club.

Scott Van Newkirk

Global Development Officer

Tom Enders

Vice President, Business Development

Greg Leisher

Vice President, Business Development

Don Shirey

Vice President, Business Development

Brandon Fowler

Vice President, Business Development

Jon Schauder

Director, Business Development

Other Team Members

Ted Elliott - Analyst, Business Development
Alec Costello - Manager, Business Development
Renee Stammet - Executive Assistant, Business Development & Legal

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