Private Club Member Benefits

Private Club Member Benefits

Members of Troon Privé-managed clubs have exclusive access to extraordinary golf and lifestyle benefits around the world! All members can choose to receive Troon Privé Connect, our digital magazine developed specifically for the private clubs, as well as access to experience packages through Privileged Connections and premium tickets to sporting and concert events at the best price. Qualified members receive reciprocal access to other private clubs in the portfolio at a preferred Privé Privilege rate, and up to 50% off at Troon Golf-managed resort and daily fee facilities around the world.

Member Only Access:

Troon Privé Privilege >>

Enjoy Troon's Premier Reciprocal Program! Golf members at Troon Privé clubs have the privilege to play at other private clubs.

Troon Advantage >>

Being a member of a Troon-managed facility has its benefits. Take advantage of special rates at participating facilities worldwide.

Troon Cup >>

Camaraderie and hospitality shine as players of prestigious private clubs enjoy two-days of luxury and competition.

Privileged Connections >>

We are delighted to offer a selection of seasonal special offers, exclusive for Troon Privé members.

Troon Privé Connect >>

This eMagazine delivers compelling content on travel destinations, club life, new products and equipment, and much more...

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