A Golf Destination To Explore; Oman and LA VIE Club

Oman, situated on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, has been a well-kept secret of the Middle East for many years. The country is full with beautiful scenery, impressive landscapes and a mix of mountain ranges and dreamy shorelines, all of which continue to captivate tourists each year. Have you discovered Oman as a destination yet? Well with the arrival of the exceptional LA VIE Club and its 18-hole golf course, it should be a destination that moves up your bucket list.

Picture yourself standing on the tee box, surrounded by the grandeur of the Al Hajar Mountains as they majestically stretch across the horizon. The carefully crafted 18-hole golf course of LA VIE Club wind through the rugged landscape, providing a unique and thrilling challenge for golfers of all levels.

Oman’s allure as a golfing destination lies in its captivating scenic views, where the beautiful mountains, wadis, and pristine beaches elevate the golfing experience to an entirely new level of enjoyment.  And with the Access LA VIE International package you can access the golf course with ease.

Whilst we all love playing golf, a visit to Oman isn’t complete without visiting some of the hidden gems and immersing yourself in some of the cultural experiences on offer. So what should be on your itinerary?

Explore the historic city of Nizwa

Jabal Akhdar Mountains

Snorkeling and Diving in Muscat

Mutrah Souq

Camping and Stargazing

Wakan the ‘Mountain Village’

Salalah during Khareef Season

Indulge in traditional Omani food