Editor’s Note: Gotta Getaway

As spring slips into summer, some people like to get out early in the day to beat the heat. But as the days get longer my own tee times tend to get later and later in the day. To me, being on a lazy fairway as the shadows elongate and golden hour approaches is simply divine. Not a care in the world, my game seems to improve right along with my attitude.

Why more people aren’t out that time of day is a mystery to me, but I’m often alone with the birds and squirrels, no one pushing from behind, no group ahead to keep pace with. The only guy who even remotely cares is the cart barn attendant who is waiting for me to come in so he can lock the doors and go home.

During one late afternoon round on the Bay Course at Kapalua, Maui, I came to a complete stop, sat down under a red-blossoming shower tree, and watched unfold before me one of the greatest scenes I’ve ever seen from a golf course. In front of me was a wide swath of the Pacific shoreline, the sun moving from yellow to golden, and in the water were four humpback whales dancing vertically around one smaller whale in the center of the circle.

I sat in reverie for at least 10 minutes before finishing my round. In my mind, it is these moments that make golf the special sport that it is. The landscapes across which we play – the mountains, the deserts, the oceans – and the experiences we have while traversing them ensure that no two golf courses are the same.

The latest issue of Troon Golf & Travel is filled with options for your summer and fall travels. We explore some of the most alluring destinations in golf, from the Colorado mountains to the tip of Baja California; from the southwest coast of Scotland to the golden valleys of Northern California; from the wine country near Washington, D.C. to the red rocks of southern Utah; and from the historic Arizona town of Prescott to the burgeoning outskirts of Tucson.

These are just a few of the many destinations in the world of Troon that will add to your summer’s enjoyment. But with 250-plus courses in 32 countries and 37 American states, there are many more to discover.

Enjoy the season, and may you find your own dancing whales!

George Fuller, Editorial Director