James Durkin – FGM

James Durkin
Golf Operations Manager
Vattanac Golf Resort, Cambodia

James Durkin and Family

How do you create work/life balance between your career in the golf industry and family life?

Working for Troon has provided me amazing opportunities to work abroad, from the Middle East where I spent 7+ years at 4 different venues, and my current role in Cambodia. Staying in touch with family reminds me to balance hard work and taking time to enjoy my new surroundings. I have regular catch ups via zoom and WhatsApp with family and friends around the world; it’s always a great reminder that I am lucky to be where I am, and I try to make the most of it!

Does your family play golf with you? If so, how often do you guys play?

It took some time for my family to pick up the game but we got there eventually; My Mum, Dad and brother were never keen golfers, and only played on very rare occasions. I on the other hand could not stay away from the golf course! Whilst my parents didn’t play much themselves, they definitely saw the value in the game and supported wherever they could, which ultimately led to my career in the golf industry and the opportunity to work in different parts of the world.

Recently though, both my Mum and Dad have really taken to the game, with my mum becoming a full-time member at her local course. This is the same place they couldn’t drag me away from and it’s great to watch her experience the same things I did when I was younger, by becoming more involved in competitions, trips away and just generally enjoying the game. It’s amazing because now, when they visit wherever I am in the world we have a great time playing the courses in the area, which has given us all some really special memories. *The last time this happened in Abu Dhabi – they did bring matching shirts. Evidence attached.

If your family plays golf with you, who is the best player in the family?

If you asked them, they would probably say me. But let me tell you, my Mum has got a great swing and is playing all the time these days, so the next time we play, who knows!

If you and your family could only use one golf club for a round of golf, what club would it be and why?

Easy, we would take the big stick. My brother absolutely wallops the ball from the tee (he wouldn’t mind me saying that it doesn’t always go in the intended direction).

What is one golf club on your family’s bucket list to play at that you have not played yet?

Another easy one! Unfortunately, they haven’t had a chance yet to come out to Cambodia, so playing the courses at Vattanac Golf Resort together is the next one on the bucket list.

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