Josh North, GM at Madinaty Golf Club on Introducing His Toddler to Golf

How do you create work/life balance between your career in the golf industry and family life?

This can be a struggle with a young family and a busy golf club to manage, but I always try and carve out time for family moments and introducing my son, Jack, to golf has helped bridge the gap.

Does your family play golf with you? If so, how often do you guys play?

My son Jack is 23 months old and has enjoyed some exposure so far, especially riding around in the golf cart! He’s beginning to grasp the idea of the swing and runs around with his plastic clubs at home. We are fortunate to have the SNAG golf equipment at Madinaty Golf Club and this is ideal for the learning process for such young golfers. The TROON Junior Club is growing at Madinaty Golf Club and this gives Jack a chance to see other kids enjoying the game too; it’s amazing the impact of them seeing other children a similar age doing the same activity.

If your family plays golf with you, who is the best player in the family?

It won’t be long until its Jack!

If you and your family could only use one golf club for a round of golf, what club would it be and why?

Let’s hope Jack and I, can have a game around St Andrews or Pebble Beach one day!

What is one golf club on your family’s bucket list to play at that you have not played yet?

This would be Augusta National!



Josh and Jack North


Jack North with SNAG golf at Madinaty Golf Club