Egyptian Amateur Championship To Be Played At Madinaty Golf Club

The countdown has begun for the launch of the Egyptian Amateur Championship, which is held annually with the participation of the best golfers in Egypt and across The Middle East and the Mediterranean.  And this year, the event will be hosted at Troon’s Madinaty Golf Club from April 1 to April 3, 2021.

The tournament is one of the oldest amateur open’s in Egypt, this annual event is a major celebration for the Egyptian Golf Federation and it’s fantastic to see the tournament come to the newest Troon facility in the region. This historic tournament, which has been running for 101 years, brings together the top amateur players who fight it out for the prestigious trophy and precious World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR), points.

Preparations for the championship have been underway for many months with the golf course in brilliant condition ahead of the event and players preparing in anticipation to see who will be presented with the historic silver cup.

Josh North, General Manager at Madinaty Golf Club commented, “It’s an honour for us to host such a prestigious event at Madinaty Golf Club. As one of the newest golf clubs in Egypt we can’t wait to showcase the facility and our golf course and become part of this historic event.”

Egyptian Amateur Open Championship History

The very ancient Egyptian Amateur Open Championship witnessed heroes who wrote their names in Egypt’s rich golfing history after they managed to reach the podium and achieve the precious title, either once or many times.

When we talk about the heroes, Amr Abou El-Ela comes to mind; a serial winner between 1976 and 2011. Ramy Taher also won the title four times.

In terms of the number of victories, Amr Abou El-Ela is followed by the stars of a golden era with Ayman El-Fransawi a seven-time winner the late Marwan El-Jadwai securing five titles and Amr Mahfouz 3 titles together with the late Zakaria Taher, father of Ramy Taher and the late Sayed Sharif and former national junior team coach Sherif Abou El-Khair. Topping the list of modern-day stars include the now professional golfers Issa Abou El Ela and Jack Senior who now plies his trade on the European Tour. Other notable players include Mamdouh El-Sheikh and Abdel-Moneim El-Shafie along with the current vice-chairman of the Egyptian Golf Federation Taymour Abou El Kheir.

Forever the history of the tournament will be synonymous with Zakaria Taher who was the first Egyptian player to reach the podium and carry the precious cup to end the domination of foreign players over the tournament, which lasted for 40 consecutive years.

The history of the tournament will also not forget that the star Amr Abou El-Ela is still the brightest among the Egyptian golf stars, with his record number of titles still standing. Egyptian Golf awaited the emergence of a new star that can equal or even pass the number of titles amassed by Amr Abou El Ela.