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New F&B Property Submission Form

Welcome to the New F&B Property Submission Form! Please fill out as much of the information below as possible to get the process started.

  • The F&B Corporate Director of the club
  • The Management Fees allocated in the Club's contract for 2023
  • Total Food and Beverage sales for the year of 2022 (Excludes service charge and other revenues)
  • Is the club Member owned?
  • "Is the club either expanding or renovating? Arbiter - Ops VP, Cindy's team and or Director"
  • "Either separate sales area or an area that generates a separate PNL (Snack bar, al la cart, banquet, etc.) Ex 1) Troon North – 3 Beverage carts , 1 snack bar - all 1 PNL so it will be considered 1 outlet Ex 2) St James - 4 beverage carts, 4 snack bars, 4 different club houses all diff PNL – 12 outlets **Banquets are defined as pre-booked events scheduled in a seperate outlet** Arbiter- F&B team director confirms number from BD and Ops VP at initial site visit"
  • Is the contract being renewed?
  • """Extra Crazy Sh*!"" Anything that can bring abnormal attention to the club. Scored 0-10 Arbiter- Rob Demore, John Bartilomo, Ed Doyle, or Matt Camilleri"
  • Is the club an owned asset?