Princeville Makai Golf Club Says Aloha/Goodbye to Plastic Water Bottles

Kauai, Hawaii (February 18, 2020) – Princeville Makai Golf Club, located on the North Shore of Kauai, recently said “aloha” or goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles. Princeville Makai did so to help reduce plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, fight the negative impacts plastic pollution causes on wildlife, and to cut landfill inputs. Water served in plastic bottles will no longer be available at the Makai Grill and on beverage carts, while beer and soda will be served in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans. Princeville Makai estimates that the club and guests were using approximately 100,000 plastic bottles each year.

Princeville Makai currently has two FloWater refill stations on property and additional water stations throughout the golf course. While on property, Princeville Makai guests have multiple alternatives to purchasing water in plastic bottles, including:

  • Bring their own vessel to fill with water
  • Use a complimentary paper cup (produced from recycled materials)
  • Purchase a Pathwater aluminum bottle for $3 per bottle – Pathwater’s tag line is “refill not landfill”
  • Purchase Yeti or Corksicle aluminum vessel products from the golf shop

“Team Princeville Makai, our local community and all of our visitors have all been extremely supportive of this new initiative,” said Doug Sutter, general manager, Princeville Makai Golf Club. “As we move forward with this program, we are doing our part to protect wildlife and clean up this beautiful island and the ocean that surrounds us. We hope others will join us in eliminating single-use plastics in our daily lives.”

Princeville Makai Golf Club’s sustainability initiatives go beyond eliminating plastic bottles. Other sustainable practices currently in place include:

  • Aluminum cans, glass and paper products are recycled
  • Paper straws are used in the restaurant and on the golf course
  • Paper merchandise bags (produced from recycled materials) are available in the golf shop
  • Food utensils made from plant-based and fully compostable materials are used at the Makai Grill
  • Princeville Makai also has the most environmentally responsible turf grass as the course’s main turf type, Pasplaum requires the least amount of nutrition and is salt tolerant making it very sustainable in Hawaii.
  • Princeville Makai also follows an integrated pest management program that includes organic options, such as using sodium chloride (table salt) to manage weeds in turf areas.

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