From the Desk of Rob DeMore, President of Troon Privé

“I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.”George W. Bush

IT HAS BEEN 20 YEARS since then-presidential candidate George Bush boldly dreamt the truce between fish and people. Although it’s dubious that fish see this as much of a peaceful coexistence today since fish eating on earth is up approximately 50 million metric tons per year since the 2000 campaign trail blazed.

Nonetheless, our former President is mostly right. We live in a utopia in which we all enjoy a life primarily devoid of fish uprisings since then. Proudly, for the most part, we have learned to adapt and coexist peacefully with our underwater neighbors.

Similarly, in this election year, our clubs have learned to coexist with Covid and its stresses for the most part. Golf rounds and club activity is up all over the globe in spite of the lurking fears associated with the pandemic. Although the road has been bumpy at times in this complicated year, I am incredibly proud of our teams and leadership groups around the world who serve to provide a safe and happy harbor for our club communities. I am also grateful for our members whose patience and grace this year is truly touching.

As we enter the twilight of this dark year, on behalf of each of us at Troon, thank you for continuing to be a flicker of light for us all with your continued support. We can’t do what we love to do without you coming back to your clubs in record numbers.

Thank you for making this year less crappie,

Robert J. DeMore, Troon Prive President

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