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“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” — George Bernard Shaw


Thirty years ago, author Gary Chapman wrote about the five love languages to show your intimacy to a loved one:

▪ Words of affirmation
▪ Quality time
▪ Physical touch
▪ Acts of service
▪ Receiving gifts

As this issue reaches your email newsstand, it appears as though the world could use a bit more language dedicated to love beyond those five. I offer the case for food this Valentine’s Day season as an official love language addition, dished to you in the pragmatic and romantic. Because of our ongoing pursuit to cook food as a species for roughly 1 million years, our foods have been both optimized for nutrients and ease, thereby requiring less chewing and less jaw strength. Less jaw strength meant more room for brain development in humans over time according to internet scientists. It may be unbelievable for those enduring this letter of hello, but I deduce we (and that includes me) are smarter than ever since our jaws are historically gentle today.

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As such, one thing I have learned in life and this business is that people love food irrationally multiple times a day. How else can you explain my own personal love of peanuts and peanut butter but absolute hatred for crunchy peanut butter? In any event, we continually recognize at our clubs the importance of the food we passionately prepare for you to connect, to ground, to celebrate, love, and even to tolerate one another from time to time.

In the throes of that passion, please also remember we all remain in a continued environment of staff and supply gaps. I ask that you continue to love the people that are around as much as we all love food this Valentine’s Day season. Each will appreciate it more than you know and we can keep clenched jaws from reducing our collective brainpower.

Please chew on that,

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