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Alas, many of life’s unilaterally liberated ice cream supply losses provide each of us a gift if we are open to seeing it in the moment. As the aftershock of the pandemic continues to echo, we find a number of clues to the gifts provided to draw from moving forward. One is the clear need for added focus on the mental well being of stakeholders throughout the industry. Recently, there was an article published in Golf Digest tied to the club golf professional work experience that could easily apply to any number of roles in this industry. The article places a dark lens on the reality felt for many, but certainly not all, staff in each department in this business, club leaders, committee members, and boards captured in the day to day of a club golf professional.

“Just taught my kids about taxes by eating 38 percent of their ice cream.” — Conan


I wish I could say all of this is COVID-related, but it is not. People have been unilaterally liberating each other’s ice cream since the beginning of time. What I see as the gift presented is the awareness created by the not-so-great resignation period. There is an opportunity to examine and collectively advocate for environments that foster empathy and grace so that these special places maintain their magic for those who work to create it. The remarkable gift is that we can collectively create any energy we choose in these environments.


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Happy Father’s Day ahead to all the dads (including my own) who give us an inner confidence that we will survive and learn from 62 percent ice cream days.

Best Always,

Robert J. DeMore
Troon Privé, Executive Vice President

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