Range Games: Short Game Match Play

This article appeared in the October issuer of Golf Range Magazine.

Submitted by: Doug Hammer, PGA director of instruction, Troon North Golf Club

Short Game Match Play is a favorite game with elite juniors at Troon North. Players are paired up, then they go to the practice green with a golf ball and their short game clubs. Standing in the middle of the green, one player tosses the ball in any direction. Both players then play match play from that location – no matter what the lie. The players alternate going first, and can toss the ball in whatever direction into whatever kind of lie they choose. This teaches young golfers how to deal with any lie and how to perform under competitive pressure. They also learn how club selection around the green can affect their shots, and they learn to focus on one shot at a time. While Troon North uses this game primarily with juniors, it can be great fun for golfers of any age and skill level.