Palm Desert, Calif. (November 15, 2019) – The Classic Club in Palm Desert, Calif., reopened today, Friday, November 15, 2019, following ryegrass overseed and an extensive bunker renovation project. The bunker renovation, which began in June and completed in late September, was led by The Classic Club’s Director of Agronomy Tony Spannaus.

During the renovation project, course bunkers were regraded, reshaped and rebuilt incorporating a technically advanced drainage and liner system featuring Capillary Concrete.  This new generation lining method increases the speed at which water flows through the sand and the lining; minimizing contamination, reducing maintenance, and producing superior consistency. The new Capillary Concrete bunkers offer a lifespan significantly longer than those built using traditional bunker construction methods.

“Playability was our focus when we originally considered the bunker project,” said The Classic Club’s General Manager Greg Rubino. “The results are better than expected as the bunker sand is consistent, while drainage and bunker lifespan has been improved.”

As part of the club’s winter rye grass overseed process, crews limited overseeding to the course’s greens, tees and fairways, while leaving the Bermudagrass rough alone to go dormant. In addition to creating a visually striking contrast, the club expects to conserve millions of gallons of effluent water from November through March.

“Classic Club remains on the forefront of environmental stewardship and water conservation efforts,” added Rubino. “We recently converted farther outreaching turf areas into landscape beds, which eliminated overhead irrigation and replaced it with much more water-efficient drip emitters.”

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