The Fountaingrove Club Introduces New Aqua Stand Up Fitness Program

The Fountaingrove Club in Santa Rosa, Calif. has introduced Aqua Stand Up, a unique fitness program developed by French fitness professional, Eric Vandendriessche. Aqua Stand Up is an aquatic full-body workout inspired by paddle boarding and is a combination of different fitness techniques like HIIT, Pilates, yoga and muscular conditioning.

At The Fountaingrove Club, Aqua Stand Up classes and camps take place in the Club’s 25-yard infinity swimming pool and are open to all Club members (kids, teens, adults) with no experience necessary. Classes are led by The Fountaingrove Club’s Athletics Supervisor Scott Butler and last 45 minutes. Physical benefits of Aqua Stand Up classes include:

  • Weight loss
  • Upper and lower body conditioning
  • Core conditioning
  • Get rid of the backache
  • Balance
  • Self confidence
  • Sport conditioning (golf, tennis, surfing, running)
  • Learn the paddle boarding basics
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Rehabilitation

“Aqua Stand Up classes are safe, fun, and accessible to everyone,” said Butler. “Students burn a lot of calories while engaging their core and improving balance. They also reconnect mind and body together with relaxing movements, strengthening yoga poses and balance training.”

“Our members are really enjoying the new Aqua Stand Up program,” said Ronald Banaszak, chief operating officer, The Fountaingrove Club. “Scott Butler is always developing new and innovative fitness and wellness programs to keep members engaged and having fun. It’s great seeing members of all ages in the pool and participating in Aqua Stand Up.”

Located in the hills northeast of Santa Rosa, The Fountaingrove Club is managed by Troon Privé, the private club operations division of Troon. The Fountaingrove Club features a beautiful Ted Robinson Sr.-designed golf course that boasts spectacular views of the Hood and Taylor Mountains as well as the rolling hills of Santa Rosa Valley. The golf course was also spared from the Tubbs Fire and has remained fully operational, hosting member play and numerous tournaments. As part of the expansive Athletic Center complex, there are five tennis courts and a 25-yard infinity swimming pool. Members also enjoy an impressive array of fitness opportunities including martial arts, yoga, aquatics, personal training, spin and strength training.

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