Troon, Callaway Golf, And Troon Facilities Join Together To Help Raise Awareness For Early Cancer Detection

Scottsdale, Ariz. (October 12, 2015) – Troon,® the leader in upscale golf course management, development and marketing is pleased to announce a partnership with Callaway Golf Company to help raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a part of the effort, Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf ball with Truvis Technology, normally marked in a red and white pattern, will instead be pink and white and available at select Troon golf shops across the country. Callaway and Troon will also make a one-time donation to cancer research through the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

In addition to the special edition of the Chrome Soft Truvis golf ball, many Troon daily-fee and private facilities will also support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by flying a pink checkered flag on every 18th green. The effort, running now through the end of October, follow’s Troon’s month-long campaign in September to raise awareness of prostate cancer by flying similar light blue checkered flags on the greens as well.

Organized through Troon Drives H.O.P.E., which empowers Troon’s facilities and associates to make a positive impact on their communities, the effort is designed to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of cancer. The American Cancer Society reports that 77% of all cancers are diagnosed in those who are 55 years and older, making the message of early detection especially relevant to golf’s core demographic.

“Nearly everyone has found themselves faced with challenges brought on by cancer, whether battling it themselves or standing beside a friend or loved-one who has,” stated John Easterbrook, executive vice president, operations, Troon. “We believe this collective effort with Callaway and Troon facilities will serve as a powerful reminder about the importance of detecting cancer early.”

The American Cancer Society also claims that cancers found as a result of their symptoms are often larger and more likely to spread. Early detection exams can catch cancer before symptoms start, and are believed to save thousands of lives each year. Doctors believe that even more lives could be saved if more people took advantage of these exams. For more information on cancer awareness and early detection, visit

Brett Brooks