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Velaa Private Island


Velaa Private Island in the Maldives sits in the Noonu Atoll and could be considered one of Troon’s most unique golf destinations. Whilst visiting Velaa Private Island, guests can enjoy privacy and luxury in equal measure, golf, snorkeling, yoga and wellness activities and a lot more, including being part of a mammoth under water project.

A dedicated marine biology team oversees the development of the largest coral restoration program in the Maldives, which has transplanted over 4,200 nursery-grown corals. This project has seen an increase in coral growth around the island of 5% since is plantation and has led to a surge in the quantity of fish throughout the transplant areas and the surrounding, endangered sites. Guests can arrange an immersive tour of the coral garden as well as discover the fascinating hidden gems located within the house reef.

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Velaa Private Island

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