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True Club Solutions works with your club to ensure you're fulfilling your vision.

While long-term golf club management services comprise the largest share of our business at Troon®, we recognize that it isn’t always the right time for our full management model. For clubs interested in short-term club advisory services for project-based applications, we offer our True Club Solutions (TCS) expertise. 

True Club Solutions’ success can be attributed to decades of experience in providing day-to-day management services to more than 750 locations globally. Between the years of experience and 30K+ corporate and field associates contributing solutions, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more qualified partner.

True Club Solutions: Advising on Club Marketing, Golf Course Redevelopment and More

Enhance your club's pro shop experience with Troon's True Club Solutions.

True Club Solutions offers short-term, one-off services to fill that final puzzle piece in your club’s vision. Perhaps you have the staff to fulfill the operations, but you need a nudge in the right direction. That’s where TCS comes in. The myriad of services offered by TCS are customized to assist in solving specific facility problems through initial due diligence, reporting and continual guidance.

Our list of club advisory services include:

  • Customer Service
  • Revenue Management
  • Concierge Marketing Services
  • Private Club Marketing & Sales
  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Food & Beverage
  • Facility Design & Development
  • Golf Course Redevelopment
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Procurement

Some of these areas may be short-term projects, while others may take more time to complete or affect change. Boiled down, TCS focuses on what the issues are, why they happened in the first place and how to solve them.

Private Club Consulting Services

Hit your golf club management goals with Troon.

For those specifically looking for private club consulting services, you will find True Club Solutions makes for an ideal solution, offering decades of experience within the private club sector. TCS offerings include many important private club initiatives, including the following:

Private Club Marketing and Sales

Grow your golf club membership marketing with Troon's expertise.

Private club marketing and sales consulting is a popular service that we offer, and in our experience as the world’s largest golf course management company, challenges in this area can make or break your business. Through True Club Solutions, allow us to look into your success and pain points to map a detailed plan for your continued growth.

As the pandemic-driven golf craze slows down, membership marketing strategies are especially pivotal. Your proactive planning could be the difference between a successful year and a stagnant one. TCS will review your sales and marketing platforms, including your social media and website, and provide a competitive analysis and revenue strategy before compiling detailed recommendations.

Private Club Food and Beverage Operations

Enhance your golf club dining options with Troon's True Club Solutions.

Membership retention is rooted in satisfying experiences, and your restaurants and menus play a critical role in ensuring happy members. As such, keeping these offerings appealing and affordable should be of the highest priority for your club. Rest assured, managing efficient private food and beverage operations is one of our specialties.

As part of our services, True Club Solutions will audit your facility, covering 130+ factors, and review the menu and operations costs from a financial standpoint. After evaluating your inventory and event calendar, TCS will assess everything from a quality and efficiency perspective before delivering recommendations.

Private Club Agronomy Services

Golf course agronomy is one of Troon's specialties.


Those looking for private club agronomy services can also turn to True Club Solutions. A key membership retention factor is maintaining a golf course where members love to play and host guests.

As part of our comprehensive suite of offerings, TCS will audit your golf course, current agronomic practices, on-site equipment and related maintenance procedures, and overall expenses before consolidating our recommendations into an easy-to-understand list. We can also offer purchasing advantages via our national procurement program and our extensive network at Troon, just one of the many benefits of working with our team. 

If you notice an area of improvement at your club or want to be proactive in gaining and retaining more members, TCS can provide you with the analysis and recommendations you need to effect change for the better of your club.

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